"Οδησσός Ονείρων" 100 pages-21X27cm 62 b/W photos edition of 250 ex Eurasia publications-Athens’
Music on the Road 160 pages-21X29cm 121 duotones photos Eurasia publications-Athens
"Στον άνεμο μετέωρος θε να΄μαι" selection of poems of Rainer Maria Rilke 96 pages-17X24cm 12 b\W photos edition of 2000 ex Elegy publications-Athens
"Σελίδες που ψιθυρίζουν" 144 pages-17X24 cm 121 B/W photos Metronomos publications-Athens "Μια χώρα για όλα τα μάτια" 176 pages-17X24 cm 88 B/W + Colors photocollages Metronomos publications-Athens